Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Award!! and More

Wow! I was very surprised when I received the note from a fellow food blogger at Dulce Dough that she was passing on the Stylish Food Award to MOI-- among other people. What an honor- just 2 months into my blogging adventure! Thanks SO MUCH!!!  If you have not checked out her blog- be sure to head on over to Dulce Dough.  She has some wonderful recipes, as well as pictures, and I am hard-pressed to pick a favorite. However, I think the Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Ganache looks so good!

I really consider myself a newbie and still have so much to learn. It has been a fun journey, and I am continually amazed at what a bunch of talented people there are blogging and photographing their food. They have been so helpful and supportive and willing to share tips. When I first started blogging at the end of December, 2010, I was pretty naive and uneducated in food blogging. It was not until I started spending more time checking out other bloggers' sites that I realized I really needed to have at least one picture for my entries (imagine that!- on a food blog!!!). So now I am in the process of working through my early recipes and posting pictures for each one. (My poor husband's diet is really being sabotaged!) Anyways, I guess food is my new obsession. While I have always enjoyed food, cooking and looking at recipes, I never dreamed a couple years ago I would think about food all day-- and night, much less be writing and photographing it! I must give some credit to a post that has been such an incredible help with learning photography of food- check it out at Vegan Yum Yum . (I still have way too much to learn, but I'm having fun along the way.)

Well, back to the business at hand-

Following the rules of the award, I have to:

1.  Thank them, make a post, and put a link back to the person/s who gave me this award.
2.  Share 7 things about myself.
3.  Pass the award to 10 recently discovered great bloggers.
4.  Contact these bloggers and personally tell them about the award.

7 random things about myself:

1. I was home schooled for about 5 years until high school, then graduated as valedictorian-- out of a class of only one other person.

2. I love walking through cemeteries- to think, exercise without a lot of traffic and gawkers, as well as wonder about the people who are buried there.

3. I am the oldest of 5 children.

4. My husband and I (with the help of a few good men friends and family) spent about 2 1/2 years remodeling a house before we actually moved in-- and we are still together!!!!

5. My husband and I were initially introduced by a combined effort of mutual friends from New Zealand and Wellsboro, PA- we lived over 250 miles apart.

6. I have a tendency to be a procrastinator and have many unfinished projects.

7. I love to cook, but wish I had a magic wand to clean up all the mess.

10 blogs that I have recently discovered and want to pass on the award to:

(I follow so many blogs and would give this award to many, many different ones. However, I have tried to pick either newer blogs or some other ones I really like, and that have not received this award- as far as I can tell.)

I'm excited about all the great people I have met and will meet in the future. Happy cooking!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sarah and thanks for the award!!

  2. Congrats Sarah!..u have a wonderful space here!

  3. Congrats on the award, Sarah. And thanks for sharing the awards with me. :) I love your blog...I really enjoy browsing through the recipes :)
    You love walking through cemestries!!!! I'm so scare :)

  4. Thanks for the kind comment, Sangi. You have a great blog, also. I could not find a link to post a comment. I am following you and look forward to trying your food.

  5. LOL @ Tes- I only enjoy the cemeteries in the broad daylight! Thanks for the nice comment. Looking forward to hearing your info.

  6. Hi Sarah! What a lovely surprise after a day full of surprises here in Turkey where we all discovered that blogspot had been banned!!! All day I couldn't get into my blog and finally about an hour ago, my husband amazingly got into it just by typing in my website! But I can't comment on my own blog so let's see if this will go through.. all v infuriating. I may have to go through my sister in the US! I can't wait to check your blog and all the others! thank you!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my space and giving me the stylish blogger award Sarah !

  8. Thank you very much for the award :) and I agree with no. 7 :)) i wish I didnt have to do all that cleaning too :)

  9. Hi Sarah! Congratulations on the Stylish Blogger Award! You really deserve it! You have a truly great blog! The wide variety of recipes you share really makes it so awesome!
    I want to thank you with all my heart for passing the award to me! I guess out of too much joy and excitement, I forgot to post a comment here after reading your message last Tuesday. It's only after reading your comment on my award post a while ago that I realized that. I'm so sorry! I want you to know that I'm so grateful to you for giving me the award, and just like what I said in my post, I'll forever be thankful to you for being the first one to let me know that someone appreciates what I'm doing!

  10. Congrats on the award! Always fun to win I think. :-) And you do have a really nice blog here. I love to eat and make food from different parts of the world.

    I myself live in Sweden and I actually have a section on my blog about typical Swedish food - history and recipes. Perhaps you'll like it? :-)


    Take care,

  11. HI! I'm Claudia's sister in America (Seasonal Cook in Turkey) and am passing on a message that due to the ban of blogspot in Turkey, she is in no position to fulfill the terms of the award. Thanks for nominating her anyway!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Thanks so much for the award. Wow, we're so appreciative of this and glad to know that someone appreciates of our work. I'm glad to know that you are interested in other countries and cultures. Good to know you have an open mind. However, I do have one question, How do we get the badge and read about the requirements? There wasn't a link when you commented on our site.

  14. Alison and Claudia, I'm sorry to hear about the problem accessing your blog in Turkey. Hope everything changes soon. In the meantime, I totally understand. I hope others will check out your blog and the great job you are doing.

  15. Sarah, thanks for the recognition and sharing my blog with your readers!


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